China Distance Education Holdings Limited (“CDEL”) is a leading provider of online education in China focusing on professional education, helping professionals who aim to obtain professional licenses, satisfy continuing education requirements to maintain their licenses and enhance their practical job skills through our professional development courses.

Management Team

CDEL is proud to have a strong and stable management team. Our executive team has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in online education and a proven track record in the education industry.

History and Milestones

CDEL was founded in 2000, offering online education courses for accounting professionals. Over time we have considerably expanded our course offerings that now span three core verticals: Accounting, Healthcare and E&C. We provide other high quality, results-driven course related services and build up an open learning platform with cutting-edge technology to help our students achieve their academic and professional goals.

Certificate and Awards

Certificates and awards represent a strong endorsement of CDEL’s leadership and influence in China’s online education industry. The honor of receiving a large number of awards over the past several years underscores the quality and success of CDEL’s results-oriented business model and student-centric growth strategy.



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