Frequently Asked Questions
1. What does China Distance Education do?
China Distance Education Holdings Limited is a leading provider of online education in China focusing on professional education. The courses offered by the Company through its websites are designed to help professionals seeking to obtain and maintain professional licenses and to enhance their job skills through our professional development courses in China in the areas of accounting, health-care, engineering & construction, legal, and other industries. The Company also offers other professional education courses for the national judicial examination, online test preparation courses for self-taught learners pursuing higher education diplomas or degrees, test preparation courses for university students intending to take the nationwide graduate school entrance exam, and online language courses. We also offer third-party developed online courses through our Online Open Learning Platform, a proprietary education platform that allows people to share their educational content or deliver live courses online. For further information, please visit
2. Where is China Distance Education headquartered?
China Distance Education 18th floor, Xueyuan International Tower,
No. 1 Zhichun Road, Haidian District,
Beijing 100083, PRC.
3. When did China Distance Education become a public company?
We became a public company following our initial public offering in July 2008 and are listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol ‘DL’..
4. When does China Distance Education's fiscal year end?
Our fiscal year ends on September 30.
5. Who is the depositary bank for China Distance Education?
Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
6. Who is China Distance Education's Independent Accountant?
Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu CPA Ltd.
7. Who is the U.S. legal counsel for China Distance Education?
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius