Company Information
Calendar 2020
During the COVID-19 outbreak, CDEL utilized extensive experience in online education to help students across China and took proactive measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. At the challenging time, CDEL adopted remote work for most of employees, supported the students in Hubei province by offering free online courses covering popular professional examination categories, and provided significant discounts to students outside of Hubei.
Calendar 2019
Launched the blockchain technology based Link100 Professional Ability Chain in collaboration with Oracle.
Calendar 2018
Established a second Beijing office location in Anhuiqiao, and a training center north of Beijing.
Acquired an additional 11% equity interest in Beijing Ruida, bringing CDEL’s total equity interest in Beijing Ruida to 51%.
Calendar 2017
Extended CDEL’s “Accounting Ecosystem” to include practical training and employment guidance services, in addition to professional certification exam preparation and continuing education services.
Acquired 80% interest in Jiangsu Zhengbao Asset Financial Advisory Co., Ltd. (“Jiangsu Asset”), previously called Nanjing Asset Financial Consulting Co., Ltd., which provides accounting and related advisory services to SMEs.
Acquired 40% equity interest in Beijing Ruida Chengtai Education Technology Co., Ltd. (“Beijing Ruida”), a leading provider of exam preparation services for participants in China’s national judicial examination.
Calendar 2016
Acquired Xiamen NetinNet, China’s leading learning simulation software provider for practical, accounting-related learning solutions for the college market.
Developed a comprehensive lifelong learning ecosystem in CDEL’s accounting vertical, serving the learning needs of individuals with exam preparation services, continuing education, practical skills training, college cooperation, and employment services.
Majority-owned subsidiary Beijing Zhengbao Yucai Education Technology Co., Ltd. (“Zhengbao Yucai”) listed on the New Third Board, China’s over-the-counter stock exchange.
Calendar 2015
Launched CDEL’s College Cooperation Program, an innovative educational model targeting the learning needs of college students with professional curriculum, practical training, virtual internships, and employment services.
Adopted Big Data technology, and established a series of data collection and analysis mechanisms.
Named “100 Fastest Growing Companies” by Fortune magazine for two consecutive years.
Calendar 2014
Net revenue of exceeded RMB 100 million.
Rolled out stand-alone mobile learning applications providing end-to-end learning solutions, including audio-video courses, adaptive practice question banks, Q&A board, user forum, E-books and comprehensive learning support.
Completed a follow-on public offering consisting of both primary ADSs and certain selling shareholders.
Our Chairman of the Board, CEO, and President Zhu Zhengdong was named one of Forbes " Top 50 CEOs of China’s Public Companies in 2014."
Calendar 2013 became the CDEL’s second vertical, after our accounting vertical, to post annual net revenue in excess of RMB 50 million.
Set up 18 learning centers throughout China for our tax school.
Calendar 2012
Introduced CDEL’s open learning platform, which offered third party content, as well as live streaming.
Introduced high-definition courseware.
Set up CDEL’s second office area in Shijiazhuang, Hebei.
Calendar 2011
Launched mobile applications on smartphones and tablets, pioneering China’s mobile learning trend.
Calendar 2010
General Secretary Jintao Hu visited the "national basic education resources co-construction and sharing platform" classroom and indicated "we should make full use of such an advantageous platform, and further explore the role of online prerecorded lecture videos."
Developed CDEL’s proprietary live interactive online education platform.
Calendar 2009
Acquired Zhengbao Yucai, in which offers business start-up training to university students.
Calendar 2008
Listed on NYSE under the ticker symbol "DL", elevating the Company’s business development onto a new stage.
Founded Zhengbao Wangge, which focused on K-12 education.
Built out the “National Basic Education Resources Co-construction and Sharing Platform”.
Founded CDEL Education Fund.
Calendar 2007
Received investments from Morningside Group and Orchid Asia, and broadened our international perspective. was launched to provide test information and online preparatory courses for various occupational skills examinations. was launched to provide online Chinese learning courses for all student levels.
Calendar 2006 was established through cooperation with the Educational Management Information Center. was launched to provide programs for secondary and high school students.
Established “Financial Learning” magazines.
Calendar 2005 was launched to provide preparatory courses for healthcare professional examinations. was launched to offer test preparation courses for construction engineering professionals. was launched to provide language courses., which focused on self-taught higher education, was acquired and integrated into our operation.
-Launched our call center, providing 24/7 customer service.
Calendar 2004
Introduced “Dreams Come True” accounting exam preparation book series.
Moved CDEL’s headquarters to Xueyuan International Tower from Beijing Agricultural University. was launched to offer test preparation courses for university students taking the nationwide graduate school entrance exam.
Calendar 2003 was launched to provide test preparation courses for the national judicial examination, demonstrating our ability to apply the successful learning model of our accounting vertical to other industry verticals.
Introduced prepaid study cards and built out our offline distributor network nationwide.
Calendar 2002
Introduced CDEL’s tax school, providing tax advisory and tax planning services.
Committed to responding to all questions posted on our online Q&A board within 24 hours, instead of 72 hours previously.
Calendar 2001
CDEL’s first fee-based program, entitled "Preparatory Lesson for Accounting Intermediate Level," was launched via the website.
Launched the "three screen" interactive virtual classroom.
Calendar 2000
Beijing Champion Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., or China Distance Education Holdings Limited commenced operations.