Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

CDEL Education Fund

Approved and administered by the China Youth Development Foundation, the CDEL Education Fund ("Fund") is sponsored and operated by China Distance Education Holdings Limited (NYSE: DL). Any funds raised are to be exclusively and independently used by the Fund, which is specifically organized to provide distance learning facilities and instructive extra-curriculum activities for students living in remote and under developed rural areas to improve their learning environment and study skills, and to provide financial aids for select students.

Our “Sailing Program” aims to invest in computers and related furniture to set up modern distance learning centers and provide online courses for schools in rural areas. Our “Voyage Program” aids financially disadvantaged primary and secondary students to complete their education and provides grants to deprived college students to complete their college education.

This fund has two major resources: The first is from our operating revenue. RMB 1 Yuan is donated to the CDEL Education Fund from each payment made to our online education platform. The other funding source is from donations by our employees and students.

Through the end of our 2013 fiscal year, we have donated to two Hope Primary Schools (one in Guangyuan, Sichuan and one in Wuyuan, Jiangxi), four computer labs, three sports classrooms, one library, one school kitchen, one school cinema, one music classroom; supported 151 students; and organized three summer camps for the Hope Primary Schools.

Welfare Project of Online Education for the Disabled

In addition to the CDEL Education Fund, we have also donated our online study cards of RMB 50 million to the China Disabled Welfare Foundation in the last two years to help the physically disabled with employment opportunities. CDEL will provide our education services to people with disabilities with skills training in areas such as English, accounting, computer, construction, etc., to help them land suitable jobs.

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