Education Services

Education Services

Our Online Education Services
Course Offerings:

Our online professional education services focus on three main industries: accounting, healthcare and construction engineering. We also offer other professional education courses, such as online test preparation courses for the national judicial examination, online test preparation courses for self-taught learners pursuing higher education diplomas and/or degrees, test preparation courses for university students who take the nationwide graduate school entrance exam, and online language courses.

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Course Delivery Channel:

 Proprietary Websites:

 A. Comprehensive and Powerful Online Platform
  a. View the video along with the lecture script and click on hyperlinks for other useful functions during the lecture
  b. Receive tutoring support by posting a question on the Q&A board
  c. Practice exercise and mock exam questions
  d. Online Learning Management System-- to monitor and manage an individual’s learning progress

 B. Mobile Applications- Extension of Traditional Online Courses
  a. Available on Apple iOS, Android tablets and smart phones
  b. Four main categories: classes, tools, exam databank, and reference reading
  c. As of December 31, 2016, we had 62 different apps with over 18.6 million downloads.
  d. Popular apps include: accounting BBS, civil service exam databank, “accounting question of the day,” healthcare mobile
classroom, and Women’s Secret.

 C. Fee-based, Mobile Courses
  a. Launched in 2013, now covering 4 verticals
  b. More suitable for smaller screens and shorter studying times
  c. Organized by key knowledge points
  d. Intelligent exercise question databank

 Open Learning Platform:

Our proprietary education platform that allows people to share their educational content primarily in professional development areas.

Since the introduction of our Open Learning Platform in October 2012, we have amassed over 7,915 online courses as of September 30, 2016, which span various professional development areas, including accounting, healthcare, and engineering & construction. These courses include both live and pre-recorded courses, third-party developed courses as well as our own proprietary courses.

Our Other Products and Services

Sales of books and reference materials related to our courses

Providing business start-up training courses to university students, job seekers and individuals interested in learning how to establish new businesses

⑴offline accounting and healthcare professional training online and offline combined courses
⑵Strategic alliances with other third-party education companies to enhance our product and service offerings

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